Computer Logic Warranty Statement


Hardware – A physical component of the computer. Examples of hardware component are motherboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM (memory), hard drive(s), fan(s)/cooling system, graphics card, wireless module, TV tuner, CMOS Battery, card reader, or internal cabling.

Software – A program is installed onto a computer. Examples of software are Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, QuickBooks, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and/or Adware are also types of software.


Computer Logic, Inc. gives customers a base hardware warranty for computers that have been built by Computer Logic or sold by Computer Logic.  Warranties begin upon the Invoice date and last for exactly 1 (one) year. Warranties cover failure of computer hardware components, not software. Warranties are void if the Computer Logic serial number stickers are removed from the computer, and/or it is determined that a non-Computer Logic employee has worked inside the computer.

A hardware failure is defined as a problem with an internal component of the computer due to manufacture defect. In the case of a hard drive failure under warranty, Computer Logic will:

  1. Replace the hard drive and install the operating system onto the new hard drive; and / or
  2. Replace the hard drive and restore a backup image onto the new hard drive.

If no backup image is available but the customer still wishes to have software, data, network settings, etc. restored, regular labor fees will apply. For other hardware failures on a computer under warranty, then any diagnosed hardware problem will be taken care of at no cost to the customer. If there are damages to computer hardware due to misuse of the device, the warranty is void and all labor and part expenses will be charged to the customer.

A software failure is defined as an issue with a program that is installed on the computer hardware. Computer Logic does not guarantee the operation of software programs. Computer Logic will troubleshoot and fix software errors as possible, but all labor and expenses will be charged to the customer.  Viruses or malware infecting a computer fall under the category of software and is not covered under warranty.

Computers that are having trouble communicating on a network may claim warranty only if the hardware responsible for network communication has failed.  Networking problems that are due to software will not be covered under warranty.

By purchasing a Computer Logic system, you agree to the above warranty statement.