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 Lenovo laptops and  2-in-1 options can work as full desktop replacements and gaming machines to just simple web-access devices. Laptops are built with trusted hardware of excellent quality that we at Computer Logic work with when building customized machines for our clients.

At Computer Logic, we are very familiar with Lenovo laptop computer designs, warranties, and customer service. We can help you find the right laptop for you and will continue to support you after the sale!

 VAIO used to be a part of Sony, but recently separated to form their own company. They offer selective high end computer models that are designed for people who require speed and power. All models are designed with solid state hard drives and new Intel i-series processors.

At Computer Logic, we strive to ensure you get the computer that will meet your needs as a professional. If you want top of the line, take a look at VAIO!


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Lenovo desktop options pack in a lot of options. They have a range of towers and All-in-One designs that can service as the ultimate gaming machine, to the desktop that makes your home a home. Here at Computer Logic, we can get you just the right thing to fit your needs! Do not be fooled by the NUC’s tiny size, this mini-PC can really pack a punch. It comes with the latest in Intel CPU and graphics technology as well as room for a 2.5” SDD or HDD. New models come with HDMI connection capabilities with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The NUC system supports up to 16GB of RAM. So if you are looking for a small solution to meet big needs, ask a Computer Logic Technician about the NUC today!  The Compute Stick made by Intel is a portable PC about the size of your average USB thumb stick. The Compute Stick, however, used HDMI as its main interface with other devices. If you plug the Compute Stick into an available HDMI port, you can instantly transform you TV into a working computer.